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Once you run flawless up, it will start a local HTTP server listening by default on port 8000. You can use this server to start new workflows or query running and finished ones.

POST /workflow/start/<module>/<workflow>

Starts a new workflow. The <module> is the name under which the .wasm module was registered and <workflow> is the name of the workflow itself. The POST request can contain a JSON structure in the body, this will be used as the input argument to the workflow.

If successful, the endpoint returns the workflow ID.

$ curl -X POST localhost:8000/workflow/start/test/hello -d '"Flawless"'
{"id": 16}

The body of the request is double-quoted, because it needs to be a valid JSON value.

GET /workflow/<id>

Returns information about the workflow, including the execution status and any data if set during the workflow execution.

$ curl -X GET localhost:8000/workflow/16
    status: "Success",
    data: {
        message: "Hello Flawless"

The data is an arbitrary value and can be set from inside the workflow using set_data. The status can have the following values: